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Lunch Table Flat Lay


Our lunch table flat lay template is ideal for restaurants updating customers on the latest menu items or special offers available. Designed as a never-ending animated table of lunch themed items, the video is great for pairing with any text. Purchasing one of our templates allows you to reuse the video multiple times with different messages as often as you wish.

This template is suitable for: coffee shops, barista bars, cafes, tea rooms, coffeehouses, independent roasters, bistros, diners, diners, restaurants.

Please note that all our core templates are delivered exactly as shown on the demonstration video. The template is a rendered video with specific zones for placement of text and images by end-users. It is only suitable for purchasers operating digital signage software that allows users to overlay text over video backgrounds. Our video templates also make an ideal choice for users who possess the video editing skills required to incorporate their content into rendered videos.

    1. Video Type: Template
    2. Video Alignment: Horizontal
    3. Video Duration: 60 seconds
    4. Number of videos: 1
    5. File Format: MP4
    6. Audio Track: None
    7. Resolution: 1080P
    1. Upon successful completion of the checkout process, core templates that you purchase will be available for instant download via a link provided in your order confirmation email.
    2. If your order includes any add-on services, a company representative will contact you within 1 working day of placement of this order in order to finalise details on the text that you wish to include in the template.
    1. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the suitability of this design for your marketing needs as well as the best way of using our videos with digital signage.
    2. All our prebuilt and template videos can be adapted for a supplementary charge in order to better suit your branding requirements.
    3. Please make a note of the SKU number of this item and contact us via this form.


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