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Grocery Store

Our Grocery Store Template is ideal for convenience stores, grocery marts and neighborhood shops looking to advertise special offers using digital signage screens. Designed to look exactly like broadcast supermarket ads, our template is great for merchandising a wide range of packaged goods and everyday grocery items.

This template is a great option if you have digital signage positioned in your store windows and we guarantee the video will catch the attention of anyone walking by! If you opt for this template package, we will incorporate up to 10 different items or services within the template design and produce a video that you can play on your screen. All you need to do is provide us with the images and text that you would like to use, and we will do the rest.

    1. SKU Number: 271025
    2. Video Type: Template (we incorporate your text into the video)
    3. Video Alignment: Vertical
    4. Video Duration: 30 seconds
    5. Number of videos: 1
    6. File Format: MP4
    7. Audio Track: None
    8. Resolution: 1080P
    1. We will contact you via email within 1 working day of order placement to discuss the text that you wish to incorporate into the template. Completed videos will be available for download 2 working days after we receive the text you wish to display.
    1. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the suitability of this design for your marketing needs as well as the best way of using our videos with digital signage.
    2. All our prebuilt and template videos can be adapted for a supplementary charge in order to better suit your branding requirements.
    3. Please make a note of the SKU number (listed in the specifications tab) of this item and contact us via this form.
    1. Want to make sure our videos will play correctly on your digital signage? Our 'Try Before You Buy' video is produced to exactly the same specifications as all our other videos.
    2. Simply follow this link to our 'Try Before You Buy' video and click the download button next to the video description to save a copy to your computer.
    3. Transfer this video onto your digital signage and play as normal. If you can see the animated message, this confirms that our shop products will also play correctly on your equipment.